You can’t see my soul so I’m going to show it in tattoos, piercings and artwork! -Zee

She was excited when she arrived, a bag of Carl’s Jr. in one hand and a bag of clothes in the other. She told me her name was Zee, and behind her in tow was her wonderful cousin Tokyo, which I thought had a really cool name. They were both really down to earth ladies, and I was happy to start my photo shoot with Zee.

She wasn’t afraid of the camera. She was truly at home and comfortable with herself as she posed for the camera. She was beautiful in the way that she arched and twisted her body in the most sensual of ways. She had no fear in expressing herself by using the contours of her body. She was sexy, fun and lovely all at the same time. She was her own person, being true to herself, and I respected that so very much.






After the shoot I was able to sit down with her and get a sense of who she was. Right away, she talked about her style. Zee stated that she liked to step outside of the box instead of being “clean cut,” something she described she once was, no tattoos or piercings. She changed her way of thinking when she realized that you only live once and that her body belonged to her. She started expressing her inner self by the clothes that she wore, the tattoos that inked her skin and the piercings that pierced her body. A lot of these choices and personal thought were then implemented into her modeling. If it’s one thing that stood out about our shoot, it’s that she wasn’t shy about being edgy and I liked that about her as a model. She wasn’t fearful.



Zee went on to talk about how today’s photography industry is so different from what it once was. There are now more outlets for models to be of different in size, shape and style. We are now living in an age where tattoos and piercings in photography can be admired by all, and Zee fits in dramatically. Her vibrant ink and beautiful body complement each other in such a way that you can’t help but marvel at them.




I really loved the way Zee talked about why she modeled in the first place. In the beginning she was told that she was too fat to do anything. It was these judgmental ways of thinking that helped her break through the barriers of her own self being. Her passion behind modeling was the art of free expression. Being in front of the camera gave her, and still does today, the chance to express her self. “You can’t see my soul so I’m going to show it in tattoos, piercings and artwork.” This was my favorite quote from Zee because it just reminded me that I was speaking to a very strong woman. A woman who was clear in the way she thought and was not afraid to express her inner self to the world. That I thought was beautiful and added a new layer to our photoshoot.




Photos and Article by Andrew Pezzulo

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