Lately I’ve been listening to Hozier’s Work Song, an amazing song that makes my heart beat on tempo. It’s one of those songs that I put on repeat and seem to all of a sudden influence every little thing in my life. Mostly my art, which is photography. With all this interest I was sure to check out the music video, and all in one moment I was in awe again. The music video is amazing!

It’s a very visual piece that shows Hozier playing an intimate show in front of a small crowd. A very simple and common start of a music video, but everything changes when we see the crowd. Select members in pairs begin to dance with each other. Almost in an interpretive dance number, they touch and lift each other through out the song. A beautiful blue spot light shifts through the crowd. The song and visual piece almost dance together in complete harmony. Something about that makes this music video a must watch.

Article by Andrew Pezzulo

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