Will is one of those male models that creates a powerful presence in front of the camera. With a handsome mug, a sense of self awareness on camera and a glorious well trimmed beard, Will is a great independent model in the Bay Area. I had the pleasure of shooting with Will last summer and got to bag another shoot recently. I had the chance to sit down with Will to discuss his adventure with modeling and photography.

Just finished with a shoot, Will sat relaxed as I hit record on my iPhone recorder. He explained to me how he first started shooting, after his Friend John started taking amazing photos of him. There was something about going out on adventures and documenting them via pictures that Will really enjoyed. Modeling quickly become a passion for Will as he enjoyed exploring new places and meeting new people. The idea of collaborating and immersing into the creative world had Will hooked. He’s been modeling ever since.

With a busy school schedule, Will is still able to model a mix of paid and passion projects. His work is versatile as he’s modeled for different brands and photographers. All these shoots, driven by Will’s interest of the voyage and exploration. One thing staying very consistent with all these shoots would be his personality and style.


Will has a very distinct look that seems to jump of the pages of his work. A lot of his shots have a very Americana feel with his groomed beard, leather or denim jackets and heavy step boots. Even the shoots I’ve done with him have a very subtle feel of Americana and his own personality. We shot a set in the city of SF, Will sporting a denim jacket and jeans, it felt like an urban cowboy shoot. He also had his skateboard which was a testament to his own personality. It was a great shoot.


In the end Will is one of those models that does it for the passion. He models for the adventure of it. He models for the road trip. He models just to see what’s on the other side of the hill. He’s one rugged model and explorer.

Check out more of Will’s work HERE!

Photos and Article by Andrew Pezzulo

Preview to our recent shoot

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