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BETWEENLAND is manifestation of those ready to take creating into their own hands. BETWEENLAND is the movement of DIY art culture, independent creation and alternative living. In an age where making it no longer means selling the product of your creation to the highest bidder in hopes that they will maintain its integrity we are creating a place were all of us like minded artists an connect.  We are the home for everything Independent.  This generation is full of creatives and we all want to share our visions with the world.  As creators we decided that we will be the ones to collect all of the independent work and showcase it, giving those who don’t have agents and record labels, or a place to see it. BETWEENLAND is a network that is made to inspire and help you grow from the ground up with DIY tool to independent production to even connections that may help farther your growth.  We believe in the freedom of expression and we want to be apart of letting the right people see the purest version of your vision. We are building a community of artist in every medium. 

We live in a world plagued with labels like, hipster, yuppie, hypebeast, Nerd, Jock, when most of us are those kids caught Between the cracks, a hybrid species.  So let’s chill in that space “THE BETWEENLAND.”

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