Now a days it has become overwhelmingly obvious that one of the 90’s favorite genres of film has become but a shadow of its former glory.  I am talking about the Action film.

Yes there have been action hits with in the last decade  but the genre as a whole has declined dramatically as far as ticket sales and critical acclaim are concerned.  In Chris Stuckmann’s The Problem With series he explores 6 principals that separate a quality action films from those that miss the mark.

Principals: These six principals can dramatically enhance any subpar action films coming out of hollywood, but at the same time very much help take any of your action shorts to that next level.


Being one of the most essential aspects of filmmaking in general it is a shame that action films have fallen into a trap of recycling the same unoriginal plot lines.  I mean how many kidnaping victims have secret agents for parents.


Hollywood has grown so attached to how big they can go with the action that they forget to make the main character a real person with real people problems.


Why is every bad guy just bad because they feel like it.  Action movies tend to focus on how crazy or unapologetically mean a villain is that they create the layers of a character that would do something so horrible.


The use of actors that are not cut out to do their own stunts just takes something away from the films authenticity.


As Chris says “Fucking Shakycam.”

Hero Vulnerability

A lack of vulnerability in many of todays action heroes takes way that sense of danger, humanity, relatability.

Ultimately this is all opinion because many of the action films that I think both Chis and I would put on our shit list have made lots of money. If you agree, disagree, or have any additions let us know down below.

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