“Excuse me are you Kyle and are these said Bitches?”  That was for sure Zach’s Favorite phrase of the night.  Friday night we found our selves deep in the Sunset District at the Honey Hive surrounded by a familiar atmosphere.   The Honey Hive was Hosting a DIY art show called Amateur Hour showcasing visual and musical artists.  Walking through the narrow corridors we got close up with the colorful paintings of James Watts, Sophie Silverstein’s imaginative Jewelry, and next level live screen printing by Zach Rowe and Melissa Bailey.  After taking in the dope art and keeping look out for Zach as he took a piss in the bathroom with no lock we found our selves by the stage collecting stickers waiting for the music to start.  As the Fixing’s Started to play the room grew full.  Afterwards we had Comfort (the band not the emotional stability) then Kyle and Her Bitches.  Every Band was, what do the young go hards say, fire or lit fire flame? I know this because by the end of the night the room was so humid  from all the sweating that took place, because of all of the dancing.  No sweat no dice bruv. Anyssa Govea, creator of Amateur Hour will definitely be holding another show in San Francisco soon so stay up and we’ll keep you posted.

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