30 Jun 2017

Music Streaming is for you: Myths about Streaming

It seems that the more music streaming sites that begin to pop up the more that myths begin to surface.

aaron draplin
24 Jun 2017

Simple tricks to Creating a Logo

If I’m being real one of the hardest things to do next to picking a name is creating a logo.

22 Jun 2017

Quick and Cheap Ways to Get Creative Photos

Since now a days everyone has an Instagram account and is taking dope photos, how do you stand out as

19 Jun 2017

The Science of Hip Hop’s Controversial Nature

If we are being real Hip Hop has grown to be one of the most controversial genres of music today.

02 Jun 2017

Quick tips for color correction

Color correction for a filmmaker can sometimes prove to be one of the more frustrating steps in postproduction.  Some times

09 May 2017

Super Useful Tips for Astrophotography

Trying to capture those National Geographic style Astrophotography shots can prove to be much more difficult when not equipped with some

03 May 2017

Julian Prince Dash: The Philosophy of Fashion

We caught up with Julian Prince Dash in his San Francisco studio.  The studio itself exploding with color seemed to

27 Apr 2017

Amateur Hour: Where The Wild Ones Are

“Excuse me are you Kyle and are these said Bitches?”  That was for sure Zach’s Favorite phrase of the night.

street photography
19 Apr 2017

Quick Tips On How to Improve Your Street Photography

Street photography at times can prove to be very tricky.  Sometimes you may feel a bit intrusive or as if

rob woods
16 Mar 2017

The Beginning of Rob Woods

The truth is that there are not a lot of the hip hop artists coming out of Sacramento.  Because of