rob woods

The truth is that there are not a lot of the hip hop artists coming out of Sacramento.  Because of the recent success of artists like Mozzy it seems that the soundtrack of Sacramento has become that of gangster rap.  To balance the the scales is a rapper that flows over chill jazzy beats with soulful piano.  You can tell right away that his EP Double Shot Espresso was made with positivity and a hope to inspire.

Rob Woods, Originally from the Sacramento area, is the type of artist that has grown from the journey that has taken him to where he is today. Just a few years ago he finished serving time in prison for some unfortunate mistakes of his past.  It was the struggle of not being free during his prison sentence that inspired him to embrace the art of rap. Rapping has been something he had done since he was younger, and turned into the perfect tool for Rob to use after his time in prison.  Since then Rob has made the choice to use his music to lead as many youth and misguided souls away from those same mistakes.

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