img_0614Betweenland’s first attempt at creating an event to showcase artists from photographers, illustrators, designers, filmmakers, to musical artists didn’t go too bad.


After getting into LA at 2:30 in the morning from San Francisco everyone passed out.  As we all scrape our selves up we start moving immediately. Andy starts putty the videos together as Alexandra hunts for frames and drink.  Zach and I get to the Oddville to start setting up, “Aww Shit dude. This is a lot of damn stuff.”  I was already running on empty but started moving all kinds of random stuff out of the way.  “Dude why is there a dryer in the middle of the floor.”


By 4pm artists start coming in to throw their stuff up, “It’s getting there.”   After scooping up Andy and some bad news from Beauti Project we see the final product and it was looking good.  Around 7:30 people start showing up checking out the artists, “Hit’em with the line up,” Luis Arguello, Henry Thelien, Jason Beasley, Cameron Veil, Nicolass Escalada, Terrence Williams, Michael Tanji, Andy Pezzulo, Reena Dmac, and Zachary Gradel.


A diverse crowd flooded the venue checking out all of the work on display.  A lot of networking was going on. Denovo Magazine was connecting with people as Shane Lawson showcased his new shoes.  Folks were getting their drink on and all of the homies came out.


The musical artist started playing at 9pm.  The music boosted the energy of the room and had every one vibing.  Holden Black started everyone off, followed by Draag’s energetic all new set, Rob Woods’ intimate performance, Alanna Aguiar’s beautiful voice, and closed out by Bokonon’s unbelievable performance.


People were asking for more by the end of the night so I’m gonna call it a success.  Thanks to all of the artists and everyone who came out to celebrate art with Betweenland.

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