20170618-IMG_4407We wandered the streets of SF through the Soma District, taking photos and discussing our love for urban photography. I was with my good friend Brian Gogo who was very fixed with looking up at the tall buildings through the viewfinder of his camera. I followed and listened as he told me his journey with photography and also his passion of craft beer. He was pleased to tell me how he found a way to take both elements and fuse them together with his brand Forward And Craft.

What is Forward And Craft? To Brian it’s more than just a beer brand, but a canvas he uses to mix his passion for photography and craft beer. His goal at the end of the day is to spread the word of craft beer to a large audience. Using his photography Brian goes to different breweries and shoots lifestyle photos of the beer that is crafted. Brian then posts these photos onto Forward And Craft’s IG page where he hopes to spread the photos to people.

Besides spreading the lifestyle of craft beer, Brian also wants to help get exposure to smaller craft beer breweries through social media. With his amazing photos and a bit of networking, Brian has created a brand with a lot of positive vibes. A very similar mood to the community that surrounds craft beer.

So where does Brian’s love for photography and beer come from? It’s most likely from his time in the US Coast Guard. Brian grew up in Guam where his early beer drinking days consisted of the green bottles of Heineken. During his time in the Coast Guard he was exposed to different beers of the world. Also his career had him traveling which sparked his curiosity of photography.

Years later Brian is now creating something that is near and dear to his heart. Forward And Craft is a beautiful gallery of Brian’s photography and the world of craft beer. In the future Brian hopes to add more to the brand by creating apparel and other platforms to spread the world of craft beer to more people. The future is bright for Brian and his amazing brand, Forward And Craft!

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