12 Jul 2016

Stranger Things Comes Out This Friday

Netflix’s new show Stranger Things comes out this Friday and it looks likes it’s going to be a hit. It’s among

11 Jul 2016

History of Finding your Style Jim Phillips

A lot of times as an artist today you feel like you have to catch trend waves and adopt patterns

09 Jul 2016

Gun Violence and How to Prevent it

This week we get serious about a topic that needs discussion: Topic: Growing up in a generation of mass shootings

25 Jun 2016

Where does the Motivation Go?

This week We realize the struggle when we get into: Articles: Donald Glover is said to be in Spider-Man Homecoming

21 Jun 2016

He Took His Skin Off For Me

Films involving romance constantly asks the question, what would you sacrifice for love.  Ben Aston’s short film He Took His

Ryan gosling looking at his muay thai stance
15 Jun 2016

Nicolas Winding Refn: The Art of Violence

In many films we find violence used as a staple of primitive entertainment.  A way to fulfill our blood thirsty

14 Jun 2016

Exploring Photography With Devon Kelley

We spent the foggy afternoon strolling, talking and also snapping photos at whatever we found interesting. Devon Kelley was a

07 Jun 2016

The Evolution of Birthdays into Adulthood

This week back to a two piece cuz Zach had some shit to do but we come with about: Articles:

05 Jun 2016

Online Anger Culture and Death Threats

This Week Nic is off to Disneyland So the two of us go in on: Articles: New Grant Trying to

Willie Real
31 May 2016

Willie Real: The Art of making the dream Real

Small Almond milk Latte.  That’s his Senzu bean, spinach, or red mushroom.  Once he’s powered up Will gets to working