26 Aug 2016

Are We Losing Geniuses?

This week we get a bit thinky and talk about: Articles: Frank ocean is back Zendaya to be Mary Jane

19 Aug 2016

Will Robots be taking over?

This week Zach’s in LA and we Explore: Articles: Suicide Squad does well at the Box Office, but then not

11 Aug 2016

I’m in a Dream With in a Dream

This week we get a little dreamy and talk about: Articles: Thoughts on Matt Damon in The Great Wall Possible

26 Jul 2016

How Social Media apps are changing us

This week We Tell the future and get into: Articles: Star Wars Rogue One New Footage Nintendo Releases new information

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16 Jul 2016

Oh Shit Pokemon Go Though!

This week life shuts down for Pokemon Go so lets Talk about it: Articles: Next Season of Game of Thrones

09 Jul 2016

Gun Violence and How to Prevent it

This week we get serious about a topic that needs discussion: Topic: Growing up in a generation of mass shootings

25 Jun 2016

Where does the Motivation Go?

This week We realize the struggle when we get into: Articles: Donald Glover is said to be in Spider-Man Homecoming

07 Jun 2016

The Evolution of Birthdays into Adulthood

This week back to a two piece cuz Zach had some shit to do but we come with about: Articles:

05 Jun 2016

Online Anger Culture and Death Threats

This Week Nic is off to Disneyland So the two of us go in on: Articles: New Grant Trying to

25 May 2016

Why is there a stigma around being single

This week we’re down to a duo but we get personal with: Articles: A real time ear piece translator¬† Hype