Yeah so a bunch of other people that are quicker with reporting this kind of thing have probably already turned you on to this but still, DAAAAAAMN Goku. A team of developers are working on a 3D animated Dragon Ball Z tribute film.  The teasers and concept shots are look quite dope.  Just some of these photos alone make me feel like someone should have told the producers of the Dragon Ball Revolution live action movie, yo fuck that bullshit and lets go 3D.  The costume design alone is looking way better than what ever weird Kung fu bellbottom shit they had going on in Dragon Ball Revolution.  3D Goku is looking like a yoked Shaolin master ready blast you up.  Goes to show you independent work can make some pro work look like trash if the people working on it care enough.  So lets hope this turns out dope. Ps. Majin Buu Is also looking real kind of menacing.

Here’s a quick taste


Majin Buu

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