Devon Kelley We spent the foggy afternoon strolling, talking and also snapping photos at whatever we found interesting. Devon Kelley was a lot braver than me as she was ahead hugging the bridge railing and capturing different shots with her camera. It was an inspiring site to see as Devon passionately explored the landmark, creating images with her mind and capturing it with her camera. It was also truly wonderful to hear from Devon how she fell in love with photography and how it has become a part of her in the recent year or so.

I’ve known Devon for the past few years as we worked together at CBS, but I only recently discovered her work as a talented photographer. Every few days I’m excited to find new work of hers posted on Instagram or Facebook, and it’s always a picture that expresses her exploration of an abandoned space. Devon is always taking her photography to new places as she wanders the old shipyard of Hunter’s Point or abandoned buildings of Treasure Island. Her photos evoke a mix of concepts from isolation to the manmade mark humans leave on the earth.

Devon goes out to these dangerous places to capture photos that express the massive scale of the spaces she investigates. She likes going out alone so that she is able to concentrate on the variables of each location. She loves capturing distance, space and depth to express the awe inspiring state of the architecture. She finds her subject to be interesting because these deserted locations were once thriving with people and life, but are now desolate. Devon explained to me that being alone in these buildings and warehouses allow her to express the isolation in her photos. She states that mentally distancing herself from people, allow her to communicate through her photographs.

Devon has started to go down a different path with her photography by creating new worlds with her photography. Using Photoshop and her photos, Devon has created surreal pieces of art. She explains how this is something she will dive into more in the future as photography has become a part of her life. In the recent months, photography has been something she does on a consistent basis. Devon states that taking photos, especially of abandoned places, is something she will continue to do for awhile. We are excited to see what Devon has to bring to her work in the future. Be sure to check out her work as we will be sharing it as it comes out!

Photo May 27, 4 24 15 PM

Photo Apr 10, 6 05 37 PMPhoto May 14, 10 50 27 PM

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