We all seem to have bit of an overly romantic view of romance.  Constantly hit with ideas of the one, your soulmate, and all that shit.  Whens the last time a magazine with the latest hot celebrity on the cover had a list for reasons he’s cool for now or how deal with a guy your more experienced than.

This film brings a realistic look at the evolution of relationships.  Relationships are a lot of I just don’t knows.  Some times they just end and you don’t know why. Sometimes you realize that you just don’t feel like being in one.  Or you take the other person for granted so heavily because you were so sure that  they would just take.  The truth is a lot of the time your not thinking about any one else and for some strange reason when your in a relationship it hurts.  I’m in a Relationship really explore this view of relationships.  also not everyone is a porn-star in bed like they make them out to be in romance films.

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