It was just another ugly, dark and cloudy night in my beautiful city of SF when I walked up to the atmospheric venue “The Chapel”. I say atmospheric because besides the food and drinks being amazing, I found the lighting and decor making me feel warm and fuzzy. It made me feel special, but I wasn’t just there to admire the place for a show, which had a three piece band called “LANY” opening up for an electro pop artist, “Tove Stryke”. I think the best way to describe the night was “the discovery of something great.” I haven’t stopped listening to LANY since that night.

I think what really stood out about LANY (pronounced Lay-Nee) was just how in sync they were as a band. When they played, it was a combination of beautiful sounding synth,  drums with the perfect rhythmic tempo and powerful vocals. The group was started by Les Priest, Jake Goss and Paul Klein. I also have to point out that their sound is super unique in that I haven’t heard much else like it. I’m certain that they will do well for themselves in the future. They are now touring the US and just released their newest EP “I Loved You.” Amazingly written and performed! Be sure to check it out on iTunes!

Back at the concert,  before the night was over I was sure to buy a copy of their grassroots CD which they had put together by burning a couple hundred other discs. I even bought one of their shirts and wore it the next day like a true tool, it was awesome. I was even lucky enough to meet the band, and from just a few words exchanged, I could see that these guys were super laid back, true musicians in love with their craft. Just knowing that makes their music so much better. I’m stoked to say that I will be going to their next concert in SF. LANY will be playing at Rickshaw Stop on Friday, October 2nd!



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