I’m not sure if this is Chance the Rapper’s debut as an actor but it was definitely cool to see him in this light.  Playing a character that is so unhappy with how he fits in the world that he is ready to call it quits.  This is for sure a fun little short film that sheds light on suicide in a charming way or as charming as you can get with this subject.

Normally people don’t pay too much attention to short films because if your not a filmmaker where does it fit.  But this short film has definitely caught a lot of eyes , probably a little attributed to Chance’s notoriety and the fact that Vice picked it up as part of their series of short films.  It is kind of funny if you think about it because Chance’s mentor Donald Glover was also featured in a short film a year or so ago, You’re Clapping for The Wrong Reasons.  The short film form getting a little more mainstream steam is always cool.

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