My Daughter’s Boyfriend from joeyizzo on Vimeo.

Another Film that captures the true conflicts and all of their intricacies by Joey Izzo.  This being his film following Stepsister it keeps a similar tone in exploring these issues.  It very much seems that Izzo likes to expand on the gustation of a broken home.  He keeps much of it very subtle but definite draws many of the underlining conflict that come with such a situation.  This Short film definitely feels as though it embodies a true sense of todayness as far as characters and character dynamics go.  What once would have been the dumb jock with douchey tendencies to make a parents skin crawl has been morphed into the more poignant environmental aware trendy skater band boy with overly progressive views and a lack of social boundaries.  I find this relatable in the way that I definitely feel like I know dudes like this and possibly in some cases may have been a version of this guy for some parents. This is a tail of people who we are, who we were, and what we do.

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