Photo Albums

22 Jun 2017

Quick and Cheap Ways to Get Creative Photos

Since now a days everyone has an Instagram account and is taking dope photos, how do you stand out as

street photography
19 Apr 2017

Quick Tips On How to Improve Your Street Photography

Street photography at times can prove to be very tricky.  Sometimes you may feel a bit intrusive or as if

22 Mar 2017

Devon Explores Tijuana

It was another cool night in the city of San Francisco. We sat in a random alley way lit up

14 Jun 2016

Exploring Photography With Devon Kelley

We spent the foggy afternoon strolling, talking and also snapping photos at whatever we found interesting. Devon Kelley was a

Project Beauti look over the canyon
14 Mar 2016

The Creation of Project Beauti

Before Fast and the Furious became this crazy over the top franchise about snarky black dudes, greasy muscles and stunts

Girl of dark
09 Mar 2016

Michael Tanji And The Love Of Film

It all started with the simple and accidental discovery of some engaging black and white photos on Tumblr. Michael Tanji,