Life Feels like it keeps moving and sometimes you gotta take a second to figure out if where society thinks you should be at a certain juncture in your life is really where you want to be.  Jason Farrand takes a comedic look at Friendship and reaching that point in your life where your making the adult leaps because you think your suppose to in Sensitive Guys.  This Short uses an interesting combination of dry and goofy humor while navigating that mixed moment that many mid twenty somethings are probably familiar with.  Moving out of your dude den to jump into the married life has its own emotional baggage. Guys like to pretend like we’re not affected by trivial moments like moving away from your best friend but Farrand exposes how many men really deal with situations like this.  Given, in most cases the more together of us tend not to throw strange baby tantrums but you’d be surprised.

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