Brent Weinbach is the king of awkward and strange humor and it feels like he’s been over looked by the mainstream comedy and entertainment world for quit a while now.  It was pretty tight to see him in a roll that was a little more naturalistic.  Usually he’s making you laugh while creeping you out and confusing you with bizarness.  This short film Stepsister by Joey Izzo showcased the talent and intellect of the entire cast.  We get to see the quirky corners of late twenties early thirties life in San Francisco.  Usually San Francisco based films and shows focus on young adults struggling to be interesting or exploring their new avenues of their sexuality.  As a San Francisco resident Stepsister definitely showcases the version of San Francisco that I am more familiar with.  Visiting your your fiance to meet his stepsister whom he lives with seems strange enough without her acting like Daria.  Stepsister finds it’s self in some dark corners but manages to make you laugh at the reality of it all.

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