02 Jun 2017

Quick tips for color correction

Color correction for a filmmaker can sometimes prove to be one of the more frustrating steps in postproduction.  Some times

26 Aug 2016

Are We Losing Geniuses?

This week we get a bit thinky and talk about: Articles: Frank ocean is back Zendaya to be Mary Jane

12 Jul 2016

Stranger Things Comes Out This Friday

Netflix’s new show Stranger Things comes out this Friday and it looks likes it’s going to be a hit. It’s among

21 Jun 2016

He Took His Skin Off For Me

Films involving romance constantly asks the question, what would you sacrifice for love.  Ben Aston’s short film He Took His

Ryan gosling looking at his muay thai stance
15 Jun 2016

Nicolas Winding Refn: The Art of Violence

In many films we find violence used as a staple of primitive entertainment.  A way to fulfill our blood thirsty

14 Apr 2016

Betweenland Radio 13: Rogue One, Gorillaz and Album Releases

This week the gang spits about: Articles: The Rogue One Trailer New Suicide Squad Trailer Guardians of the Galaxy will

Between radio banner for the Independent artist podcast
09 Mar 2016

Betweenland Radio 08: Nintendo Land, New GhostBusters and Hip Hop Pop

This Week the team is still in peaces, But speak raw about: Articles Sony’s Spider-man Spin off of Venom The

Girl of dark
09 Mar 2016

Michael Tanji And The Love Of Film

It all started with the simple and accidental discovery of some engaging black and white photos on Tumblr. Michael Tanji,

26 Jan 2016

Betweenland Radio 02: Comic Book Movies, Independent Film and Netflix

This Week on the Betweenland Radio we get into: Getting burnt Comic Book Movies Black History month and minorities in

30 Aug 2015

10 Photographs To Make You A Better Photographer!

I recently went to a workshop at the Canon Live Learning Center in downtown San Francisco. It was one of