19 Jun 2017

The Science of Hip Hop’s Controversial Nature

If we are being real Hip Hop has grown to be one of the most controversial genres of music today.

27 Apr 2017

Amateur Hour: Where The Wild Ones Are

“Excuse me are you Kyle and are these said Bitches?”  That was for sure Zach’s Favorite phrase of the night.

rob woods
16 Mar 2017

The Beginning of Rob Woods

The truth is that there are not a lot of the hip hop artists coming out of Sacramento.  Because of

26 Aug 2016

Are We Losing Geniuses?

This week we get a bit thinky and talk about: Articles: Frank ocean is back Zendaya to be Mary Jane

14 Apr 2016

Betweenland Radio 13: Rogue One, Gorillaz and Album Releases

This week the gang spits about: Articles: The Rogue One Trailer New Suicide Squad Trailer Guardians of the Galaxy will

Between radio banner for the Independent artist podcast
09 Mar 2016

Betweenland Radio 08: Nintendo Land, New GhostBusters and Hip Hop Pop

This Week the team is still in peaces, But speak raw about: Articles Sony’s Spider-man Spin off of Venom The

15 Sep 2015

A Must See Music Video

Lately I’ve been listening to Hozier’s Work Song, an amazing song that makes my heart beat on tempo. It’s one

13 Sep 2015

LANY! A Band That Makes You Want To Dance!

It was just another ugly, dark and cloudy night in my beautiful city of SF when I walked up to

05 Nov 2014

I’m from Los Angeles homie!

Los Angeles, it’s my home town. It can be a huge pain in the ass, but if you stay away

05 Nov 2014

Vice City…

This playlist brings back some fond memories. Playing a little Grand Theft Auto Vice City, murdering Miamites, Miamians or what