rob woods
16 Mar 2017

The Beginning of Rob Woods

The truth is that there are not a lot of the hip hop artists coming out of Sacramento.  Because of

elephant gym
25 Sep 2014

大象體操 Elephant Gym

If you’re into math rock or just dope music you should check out 大象體操 Elephant Gym. They are a Taiwanese

24 Sep 2014

CharlesBlack- Sabrina (single)

CharlesBlack (one word) is an R&B style rapper from Los Angeles who is relatively unknown, like really though. He has

21 Sep 2014

MoThoro – Iont Really Care

I didn’t actually know about this dude until 20 minutes ago but his music is pretty dope.  He goes by

Cody DiGerolamo
18 Sep 2014

Cody DiGerlamo

Cody DiGerlamo, Dudes kind of a Los Angeles unknown making pretty dope mellow indie rock. All of his songs channel

Same moon
17 Sep 2014

Kyle Rado – Same Moon EP

Kyle Rado is a Los Angeles based artist with a soothing tone that makes you feel life your falling out