Before Fast and the Furious became this crazy over the top franchise about snarky black dudes, greasy muscles and stunts that would make Captain America call bullshit.  It was a movie that soaked the seeds of a movement into our childhoods.  When it was about fast cars, hot women, swag and the crew you were reppin.  Damn saying  some of this shit is making me feel like a white dad.  Project Beauti is a Product of the Gear Head movement being taken to that next level with it new home among the current generation.   I guess us 90’s babies are the ones now.  Project Beauti is a new SoCal Clothing and apparel brand emerging in the gear head car scene.  Alex and Josh the Founders of the lifestyle brand hit me with the details on how Project Beauti came from nothing.


What Is Project Beauti? (The usual)

We are a brand that embodies the car culture, photography, and all artistic freedoms. Project Beauti wants to create a lifestyle for people to connect with others, so we can together find the beauty not only within ourselves but also what’s around us. Since the beginning we have focused on working with photographers, artist, and gear heads to establish an outlet that allows them to express themselves. We believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Project Beauti will continue to define its unique style and its appreciation for all things beauti-ful.

How did Project Beauti Start? (Origin story)

Project Beauti started in the summer of 2013 as a concept on how to showcase our work and to give back. Later in April of 2014 for Long beach Formula D event it is when both founders met and talked about the brand and came with a game plan of how to execute a successful brand, and now the rest is history in the making.

What is this movement inspired by?

The automotive and street wear scene inspires this movement. We want to bring the simplicity to street wear culture. What we mean by that is we want to bring our supporters great gear without crazy graphics that you don’t even know what the brand name is called. We love keeping everything clean so the message behind every apparel design is clear to understand. We are huge fans of Japanese culture so in our brand you’ll find Japanese writing throughout our collections.

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How has Photography inspired this movement?

Everyone on our team is a photographer and all of us have a unique style in taking photos. This plays a big part in the brands name Project Beauti. We want to remind people who see our photos that even in an ugly world there’s always Beauti behind it.  Photography is one of our main Inspirations for this brand. It is a place where we can showcase all of our work when no one else would give us an opportunity. Now we are able to give other photographers an opportunity to showcase their work.

What is the reason behind the Japanese theme?

The main reason for the Japanese theme is for our love for Japanese culture. The Japanese style is clean and simple and we are implementing it in our designs as best as we can. Our fans have told us many times to keep up the Japanese influences and we have to give what the people want. For those who wear our apparel they get to feel the simplicity and clean look of our apparel, so they to can feel as if they are apart of what the brand stands for and the culture behind the brand. The Japanese culture has created a lifestyle that is perceived to be one of the most simplistic cultures around.

How would you describe your crew?

Our crew is young and ambitious. We are a small group but very hungry. We have the best crew anyone can ask for. We are always pushing for greatness for the brand and within ourselves. We help one another out when needed. We hope to grow our team in the upcoming year, so we can expand our minds on what the world has to offer for Project Beauti.


How does it extend beyond hot girls and nice cars?

It extends pass what people just see about the brand versus what we do.  We have given back to kids and been apart of events to help those less Fortunate. We will continue to help our community, in every way that we can.  We want to show that Project Beauti isn’t just about the girls and cars but about the community as well.

How has your path got you to this point? (both founders point of view)

Alex- My path if you would say would start off with me falling in love with photography. I always loved shooting pictures. Every time my family would go out or travel they would ask me to take the pictures to document the event. Every time I would go to auto shows I would also take pictures even though I wasn’t as good as I am now. My love for cars started at a young age since most of family worked on cars and fixed cars it was just an addiction waiting to happen. Then a few years later I started to get into street wear since some of my friends started to create their own brands. I would have never thought I would come up with a brand of my own. One of the good things about that is that I learned on how I want my brand to be know and seen.

Josh- My path started in 2008 when I previously started a clothing line I was working on and is now a thing in the past haha. During that time I self taught myself how to use adobe programs like Photoshop and illustrator. I then fell in love with graphic design and pursued that as a career. I love designing, the freedom of creating your own designs is the best feeling. I’ve always had a love for cars since fast and the furious. So I put two and two together and started a clothing brand that incorporated both the things I love.


What is the ultimate goal?

The Ultimate goal is to turn this brand into a full time job. We want to continue to create dope gear for everyone to wear so they can showcase what they represent and believe in. We want Project Beauti to be an outlet for photographers,  car enthusiast, musicians, and designers.

What is the philosophy behind Project Beauti?

The philosophy of Project Beauti would have to be the many aspects of life. There’s so much this world has to offer that can be considered beauti-ful like traveling, food, music, family and etc. We just want everyone to know that everything can be beautiful if you look at things in a positive way. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” this is a great quote, which the whole Beauti team lives by.

Project Beauti look over the canyon

How would you describe the fans and the rate of growth?

Our fans are great. They always show love by coming to our events, buying our latest collections, and subscribing to our social media outlets. The rate of growth for the start of the second year is crazy. We have grown a lot since our first year almost double in just 3 months. We really appreciate all the love and support we have received within the last year. We hope to keep this journey going and keep delivering great content for our fans and supporters.

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