If we are being real Hip Hop has grown to be one of the most controversial genres of music today.  The history of hip hop is relatively young and the sentiment has fractured with time.  As someone who is a fan of the genre in most of its forms while still having had my punk phase in high school where I denounced Hip Hop I find that there is a lot to flesh out.  In many cases Hip Hop music celebrates drugs, misogyny, and violence but is viewed from many different perspectives.  Many are on the outside looking in and villainies  Hip Hop for its influence on youth and culture.  Lecrae opens up the dialogue between who are perceived as heroes or villains and how social perspective may inform a different perception.

This TED Talk opens up a dialogue that may help the next level of growth in Hip Hop.  Music culture in general in growing and changing massively.  New genres are being created while old genres are being mixed .  Hip Hop’s original purpose of narrating the struggle of the disenfranchised has in many instances morphed into a celebration of the means necessary to get by.  Hip Hop will continue to grow and as the community grows and different types of stories are added to the narrative its original purpose will move back to the forefront once again.

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