Films involving romance constantly asks the question, what would you sacrifice for love.  Ben Aston’s short film He Took His Skin Off For Me explores relationships and sacrifice.  Through Disney princess movies, romantic dramas, or Romcoms we are bombarded with the question, how much would you give up.  Many times these films tell women if he’s not willing to make sacrifices then he doesn’t really love you.  This film looks at the reality of give and take exploring the question, would you be willing to make the same sacrifice.  This film makes me think about what I’ve asked of people and how something that I viewed as trivial may have actually been quite taxing.  This film helps you put relationships in perspective especially parental relationships.  if you think about everything you expect from them or are willing take, it vastly dwarfs what you are willing to give.  You think about and say to your self, ” no I would give my life for my parents.”  Sure but think about when you wanted to go to that party instead of spend mothers day with your mom or when you wine every time you have to takeout the trash but then asked for 20 bucks for a movie with friends.  He Took His Skin Off For Me bring us to the reality that life with loved ones just isn’t fair.

Ryan gosling looking at his muay thai stance
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